Online Entry

Corning Invitional Rodeo

Entries CLOSED

Instructions for Entry
~Click on the appropriate level entry link above.
~Enter your membership # exactly as it is on your membership card
  (ex.  High school -  H-CA-000271  or  Jr High  J-CA-000262)
   then click on "Lookup".  It will bring up your Name.  If it does     
   not, you are not eligible for this rodeo.  Should you think there is
   an error, please contact your Membership Secretary.
~Click on the events you are signing up for and make your
   payment at the bottom of the screen.
~You will receive an entry/payment confirmation receipt from  If you do not receive this email,
  your entry was not received.  (Check your spam...just in case).
Instructions for Form Upload
~ Click on the School Verification / Medical Release form button 
    above...Print and fill out.  
~Upload a photo of the completed form to the appropriate link
   above.  Also include page 2 if needed (set up)
~This required form must be uploaded during the online entries...       once the entries close, so does your window to upload your form.
   be on file with your Membership Secretary
DEADLINE exended...
to Friday, November 8th @11:59pm
for  School Verification/Medical Release Form uploads only due to power outages and school closure.
Be sure to enter for your events by Nov. 1st deadline.