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2023-2024  Junior High  Division Officers

Stella Aleman

Student President

Trinity Freudenberg

Student Vice President

Cheyanne Miller

Student Treasurer

Jadyn Owens

Student Secretary

Junior High Division

Event Directors

Pole Bending

  Student- Stella Aleman

 Adult- Holly Hough


Student-  Payton Shuster

Adult- Susie Hunt

Barrel Racing

Student​- Olivia Powell

 Adult- Jada Bailey

Chute Dog

  Student- Landon DeMarta

  Adult- Ryan DeMarta

Girls Goat Tying

  Student- Alexis Johnson

Adult- Shehlee Johnson


 Student- Kaden Mangrum

 Adult- Aaron Bean

Boys Goat Tying

  Student- Grady Cooley

  Adult- Stan Cooley

Team Roping

  Student- Kanton Wagner

Adult- Jerritt Wagner

Ribbon Roping

 Student- TBD

 Adult- Adrienne Wagner

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