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2022-23 High School Division Officers

2022 - 2023
High School Division

Event Directors

Pole Bending


Barrel Racing

Student- Bethany Grieve

Adult- Tony Machado

Student- Mady Pecora-Smith

Adult- Alicia Pecora-Smith

Student- Mazzi McAllister

Adult- Trino Arteaga

Tie Down

Goat Tying

Rough Stock

Student- Emerald Mueller

Adult- Shasta Jameson-Green


Student- Jace Kelley

Adult- Tucker Kelley

Student- Clayton Cooley

Adult- Jason Klee


Reined Cow Horse

Team Roping

Student- Dawson McWhorter

Adult- Ben McWhorter

Student- Madalyn Darst

Adult- Molly Morill Darst

Student- Prescott Langer

Adult- Justin Langer

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