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D2 Entries & Points


Fri 9/30 

5pm - HS Cutting

Sat 10/1

6 - 7am: Contestant Check In

8am: Mandatory Ground Rules Meeting

9am: Rodeo begins

Sun 10/2

8am: Grand Entry, rodeo immediately following

Sep 30th - Oct 2nd

Fortuna Rodeo Grounds

1 Park St

Fortuna, CA

** HS Cutting will be held on Fri 9/30 at 5pm.  All other events will be held Saturday and Sunday.

Important Information:

Fortuna Rodeo Grounds offer dry camping only. 

If you are planning on staying overnight please enter through the 14th st entrance.  Each trailer can only use 1 parking space.  Please park straight and back up to fences, leaving enough room to tie horses in between.

There is going to be A LOT of us.  Absolutely no saving spaces - if you want to camp together, then arrive together.


Horse Pens

Horses may be tied to your trailer overnight. Absolutely NO panels can be put up in the camping area.  Thank you for your understanding.

You are welcome to set up portable pens on the  north side of the arena,  on the chips, no bigger than 12x12.  Fortuna Rodeo will set up pens on the north end of the arena below the chips, these are first come first serve.  There will be no holding pens for others, coming ahead of time to mark pens.  You will need to get them when you get there if they are available.  Failure to follow these guidelines will forfeit your pens. Stock contractor pens will be marked.  DO NOT put your horses in those pens or the alleyways. If you open a gate please close the gates.

If you prefer stalls you can call Humboldt County Fairgrounds at (707) 786-9511 to see if some are available.  They are about 15 minutes from the Rodeo grounds.

Use the link to check your rodeo eligibility.  This document will show if your entries have been received, if you need to submit paperwork (including grade reports) and will show when your ATV tickets and Sponsorship money has been received.