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High School Membership and Information





The National High School Rodeo Association (N.H.S.R.A.) and the N.H.S.R.A Junior Division (JHD) were created to give high school and junior high school students the opportunity to participate and compete in this unique and challenging sport. 


This sport is not recognized by all school athletics, but offers a program that set both high school and junior high school rodeo apart from other varsity sports.  The top four contestants in each state/province in each event qualify for the National High School Finals Rodeo (N.H.S.F.R.) held annually in July.  Over 1,500 contestants from each of the 46 state/province associations compete for awards and Scholarships.

The N.H.S.R.A governs the state of California's nine districts.  The California High School Rodeo Association (C.H.S.R.A) District 2 is located in the coast of Northern California; composed of 7 counties;  Del Norte, Humboldt, Mendocino, Lake, Sonoma, Marin, and Napa.

Membership is open to any junior high student (grades 5-8) and any high school student (9-12).  

District 2 follows the N.H.S.R.A Rule Book (click here).

                                                             Click here to join District 2!!!

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