• Tina

A Message From Your D2 Queen...

Hey everyone, 

 Just wanted to let you all know a few things about the upcoming rodeo in Willits.

First there will be a theme for this rodeo's grand entry. Since its October and the month of Halloween there will be a costume theme/contest. I know that some horses don't like costumes so there will be a contest for the most orange and black as well. I hope you all participate in this theme.

Also Saturday night we will be having a buffet style Meet & Greet. For this I hope everyone can bring a little something to share so everyone can have some food while we enjoy each others company. We also need a few people to bring tables, silverware, plates, napkins, and drinks. I hope you all come to this it will be by the stands so we can watch the jackpot barrel race while meeting new people and enjoying great food. If you can bring food and or the other supplies I mentioned please let me know.

Thank you!